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Le colline metallifere

The panorama of the museums in the Metal-Bearing Hills is especially rich and reflects the importance of the area's mining resources throughout the ages. The theme of the extraction and working of metals is the unifying feature of local history and is also the most evident emblem on the landscape and environment of this part of the Province of GrossetoMassa Marittima, with its Municipal Museum System, plays host to most of the museums in the area;here you will find the ideal itinerary of places of interest which cover subjects ranging from archaeology to art history without leaving out aspects of educational reconstruction of the life and work of the mines.

In Gavorrano, the subject of mining is explored by means of industrial archaeology and social history in the recently inaugurated Mining Park. The Archive Centre at Castel di Pietra illustrates a medieval mining settlement.

Next to the Art Gallery in Follonica, which is becoming a dynamic centre for organising exhibitions and cultural events, is the Iron and Cast Iron Museum, next to the old ILVA factory, where the metal working theme is developed further. Lastly, in Scarlino, the Archive Centre offers a view of an area where recent archaeological research has brought to light a wealth of discoveries.

Museums of Colline Metallifere