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Alberto Inglesi's sculptures in the historic center of Grosseto

from 04/07/2020 to 05/08/2020

Woman on the way by Alberto Inglesi is a widespread exhibition in the historic center of Grosseto that will be on display until August 5, 2020. It consists of 14 sculptures positioned from Piazza Dante to Piazza Duomo, from Piazza Socci to Piazza Baccarini, up to Via Manin. The exhibition is organized by the Le Clarisse cultural center of the Grosseto Culture Foundation with the municipality of Grosseto. Alberto Inglesi was born in Grosseto in 1952 and has always lived and worked in Siena, distinguished by his artistic ability to transform the material: he exhibits in Italy and abroad in personal and collective exhibitions.

"The exhibition Woman on the road - explains the artist - is an event that crowns my relationship with a particularly significant place: in addition to being my hometown, the Maremma capital is strongly linked to my teacher, Plinio Tammaro, who right here he founded the art institute which was previously called "Pietro Aldi" and which is currently the Polo Bianciardi, precisely because he loved the Grosseto area and wanted to fill the lack of a reference point for the professional training of young artists ". Among the "followers" of Plinio Tammaro, in fact, Alberto Inglesi is the artist who most of all proposes his teachings.

 "Woman on the road - confirms David Tammaro, the son of Plinio Tammaro - is a cycle of important itinerant and widespread exhibitions that engages, in a choral song, more urban places than an entire city. Inglesi is a modiglianista, a rare artist who took the lesson of Modigliani: although he knew every contemporary artistic language, he did not embrace one but developed a more eternal and universal, original language, which was born and developed in him, with elements universal and eternal that mix and forge a new art. His sculptures narrate a world in constant evolution, full of signs, symbols, classic yet extraordinarily contemporary and innovative forms. For example, the angel, a fundamental theme, bearer of news and news ".

The sculptures are exhibited along a concerted itinerary between the artist and the Municipality of Grosseto, precisely to bring the works to life in the urban space and allow the participation of those who admire them. Among the most significant works we find Annunciazione (a bronze from 1992), Dafne (1996, in bronze and marble), Situation of a woman (1988, in bronze), Largo gesture (1998, in steel, bronze and marble), Attesa (1998 , in marble, bronze and steel) and another work dedicated to the Annunciation (1995, in bronze). Info:,, tel. 0564 488067 - 069 - 547, FB: Le Clarisse cultural center - Grosseto