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Grosseto e la pianura

Archaeology and the environment are the two strengths of the central area of the Province, where there are two archaeological centres of prime importance, the ancient towns of Etruscan origin, Roselle and Vetulonia, which face each other across the great Lagoon called Lago Prile by the Romans and later called Lago di Castiglione.

The archaeological area of Vetulonis, extending over an area from the current town centre to the necropolis lower down the valley, includes the new Civic Museum dedicated to Isidoro Falchi. In Roselle, the future centre for an archaeology park, there is the Museum of Archaeology and Art of the Maremma, where an entire floor is dedicated to the town, which was the historic predecessor to Grosseto as provincial capital and later diocese. The tour of the Museum of Archaeology and Art of the Maremma continues to Roselle for a display of the archaeology of the whole Province.
The Museum of Natural History of Grosseto (under restoration) and protected areas, such as Diaccia Botrona, are all places of environmental interest.

Museums of Grosseto e la Pianura