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The museum network

The Musei della Maremma website is intended as a kind of compass, a guide for a cultural journey through an extraordinary land.

In Maremma, art can be admired in all its forms: from the most ancient, precious testimony of past centuries, to that of our own times, proof of this region's vitality; works shaped by humankind and formed by the awesome forces of nature.
Practically every town in this province is home to at least one exhibition space.

And each one of them tells the story of its own fragment of land and the people who inhabit it. An incredible richness and variety of exhibits makes up these stories, every page of which contains not only the priceless heritage of prehistory and the Etruscan civilisation, but also the remains of the ancient trades of mineral extraction and metal working, telling how the history of these activities has been inextricably linked, from antiquity to the present day, with the story of the region and the evolution of its natural environment.

In all the variety of its landscapes, the land of the Maremma provides the backdrop for these stories, in which agriculture and its associated traditions play a major part, and sacred art finds its place alongside contemporary expression, resulting in an all-encompassing cultural vision of the character of this place.

By establishing a Museum System, realised in the Maremma Museum Network, Grosseto Province aimed to reinforce and promote the educational worth of each individual museum and exhibition space, through a cultural management which is shared and coordinated at regional level. The goal is to rationalise the exhibitions available and strengthen cultural activities, creating synergy with tourism, environment, education and professional training.

In this way we seek to give added value to each individual "page" of the fascinating story of our land. By providing you with this guide as compass, we wish to offer a useful service not only to tourists visiting the Maremma, but also to all those who live here, allowing them to learn about, or deepen their understanding of, the history and nature of this extraordinary area.

Enjoy your journey!