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Archaeological Park of Lago dell'Accesa - Massa Marittima - Le colline metallifere



s.p. 49, Loc. La pesta - La Pesta - Lago dell'Accesa


The archaeological site around the lake Lago dell'Accesa is located in the municipal area of Massa Marittima at a distance of about 7km from the town along the Provincial Road No. 49 in locality of La Pesta. The ancient settlement, still only partially investigated, extends over several tens of hectares of terrain. Excavated so far are five living quarters, supposed to correspond with as many necropolises, several of which have been identified. The path through the park is clearly marked by explanatory signs, which guide visitors from settlement area A through areas B, D and C. The areas to be explored cover the period from the late seventh century to the sixth century BC. However, settlement of the area, judging by particular types of shaft tomb and grave to be found, may be even older, perhaps dating back to the period between the ninth and eighth centuries BC. We do not know the ancient name of the settlement of Lago dell'Accesa, which was probably a satellite settlement of larger town city, such as Vetulonia, having, during that time, control over the mineral deposits to be excavated from the Metalliferous Hills. The park is also closely related to the finds to be seen at the Archaeological Museum of Massa Marittima.


Guided tours Educational activities A visit to the Archaeological Park of Lago dell'Accesa is recommended for the educational module on the Etruscans and the mining industry in the Massa area organised by the Colline Metallifere Cooperative, which runs the Massa Marittima museums, for local schools (consult the programme on the website For information contact the Archaeological Museum on 0566/902289



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Director: Roberta Pieraccioli


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