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Archaeological Museum - Manciano - Le colline dell'Albegna


Via Italia - Saturnia


Recently reorganized and incorporated into the premises of a school complex in disuse is the Ciacci family’s archaeological collection, formed from the late 1800s to the 1930s. Many of the findings are attributable to research and excavations conducted in the years between 1895 and 1903 by Riccardo Mancinelli, who explored in a systematic manner, yet without providing adequate documentation, the main Etruscan centres of the valleys of the Fiora and Albenga rivers, discovering the necropolis of Poggio Buco and the tombs at Pitigliano and Sovana. But, it was to the exploration of Saturnia that Mancinelli devoted more interest, thanks to the cooperation offered by the Ciacci family, which allowed him to investigate the Etruscan necropolises near the town. The most recent acquisitions in the collection, however, were probably the funerary objects excavated by R. Bianchi Bandinelli in the area of Pianetti Montemerano in 1927 and the terracotta of Poggio Sugherello, discovered in 1932. Finally, the finds from Sovana and Poggio Buco are likely to be gifts offered to the Ciacci family by local farmers and landowners, as in the cases of the Etrusco-Corinthian Oinochoe and the prehistoric finds from Botro del Pelagone.


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