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Mining Museum of Massa Marittima - Massa Marittima - Le colline metallifere


Via Corridoni - Massa Marittima


The museum is the result of the transformation of an ancient quarry in which three tunnels had been created for use as a shelter during the Second World War. In 1980, the tunnels were set up by miners to realistically recreate the internal environment of a mine. The museum runs for about 700 metres in length, through secondary and main tunnels, where you can see different types of structures used to support mine roofs and documentation describing different mineral extraction techniques. Also on display are numerous examples of work tools, machinery and trolleys still in use until just a few years ago. The museum visit is accessible only with the accompaniment of a guide, included in the price of admission. From the museum you can also access the Archaeological and Technological Park of the Metalliferous Hills, and you can book guided tours and excursions to places of interest related to mining in the area.


The Mining Museum is one of the Gateways to the Colline Metallifere Technology and Archeology Park: it provides information and booking services for guided tours of mining sites of interest. A visit to the Mining Museum is included in the module of educational activities entitled "The Miner", provided by the Colline Metallifere Cooperative, which runs the Massa Marittima museums, for local schools (consult the programme on the website For information contact the Archaeological Museum on 0566/902289



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April - June: 10.00-11.00-12.00-12.45 15.00-16.00-17.00-17.45 July - August: 10.00-10.30-11.00-11.30-12.00-12.30 15.00-15.30-16.00-16.30-17.00-17.30 September - October: 10.00-11.00-12.00-12.45 15.00-16.00-17.00-17.45 November - March: 10.00-10.30-11.00-11.30-12.00 15.00-15.30-16.00-16.30 Visitors to the Mining Museum are accompanied by a guide. The times listed above refer to the departure of guided tours: visitors are advised to arrive 5 minutes before these times.


€ 5.00 full € 3.00 reduced; € 4.00 groups of adults Combined ticket for all the Massa Marittima Museums and the Torre del Candeliere: € 15.00 full; € 10.00 reduced.


Director: Roberta Pieraccioli
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