Musei di Maremma

Padule di Scarlino

The wetland of the Padule di Scarlino is a mix of salt water and fresh water, a relict of what was once a typical landscape of the Maremma. Today this type of landscape has almost disappeared due to the reclamation of the marshland. The Padule covers an area of 155 hectares and occupies the flat land formed by a series of heterogeneous floodplains. The marshland is located near the village of Puntone, between the Pecora river and the Allaccinate Canal. Only a few tens of metres separate it from the coast. You can visit the Padule through a raised walkway beginning from the Ex- Casello Idraulico (former Hydraulic tollgate) of Puntone. Depending on the season and the intensity of the rainfalls, some areas of the swamp are under water and some others below water. The vegetation is characterized by herbaceous species and low shrubs. To the south the area is bounded by a cane-brake.
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