Musei di Maremma

The complex of the Clarisse

The complex of the Clarisse, which now houses the municipal library G. Badii and the Museum of the Risorgimento, was originally the convent of the sisters observing the rules of San Damiano, a Franciscan order, and later of Santa Chiara.
The complex was built in the XIII century and the Sisters remained there until the XIX century.
You can still recognise the church, the convent and part of the cloister.
The complex went through several renovations and changes in its function. This resulted in an alteration of its original structure, which was brought to light through recent restoration works. Archaeological surveys have been carried out too.
The Municipal library hosts a small exhibition of antiques dating back to the Italian Risorgimento, which belonged to the 400 citizens of Massa who took part in Garibaldi’s expeditions and in the struggles for the Unification of Italy: some of the 9 red shirts (the trademark clothing of Garibaldi), medals, some publications of the time, objects collected during the battles and two Italian flags.
Weapons, rifles, guns, bayonets and sabres are not included in the exhibition yet.

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