Musei di Maremma

The Norma Parenti Garden

The garden, designed by the landscape sculptress Maria Dompè, is called “Sol omnibus lucet” and is dedicated to the young partisan Norma Parenti, gold medal for military valor and a symbol for the entire community. The garden is a place of meditation, also thanks to the scents from Mediterranean plantings, the auditory effects, such as the listening to classic music, and the enchanting view of the Maremma valleys, the sea and the island of Elba. It is a “green work” with undulations of the terrain, lawn an local stone. The green work grows on an archaeological site and this underlines the artist’s purpose of rediscovering the link with the past. A metal box was placed at the centre of the sculpture. The box contains the wishes of the young students of Massa Marittima, who interacted with the artist during the realisation of this wonderful garden.
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