Musei di Maremma

Via delle Fonti

Type of itinerary:
Walking route

Around 1.5 Km

Around 1 hour

Height difference:
200 m climb


The path via delle Fonti starts at the Casa Museo (Museum House), leads down out of the village and along the Marroneta; at the end of the chestnut woods, the trail crosses the road Strada delle Vigne, continues towards the Fonte Vecchia and from there climbs up onto the Fonte di Sotto and reaches the village of Serraglio.
Along the trail  you will notice that this is the habitat of mature woods.
The tour Via delle Fonti is aimed at following in the footsteps of the people who lived here in the past, such as men, who used to arrive here from the fields with their donkey, and women, who used to walk with their buckets and pitchers to the well to get water.
Walking along the trail means giving new life to those places and situations of the past, which have left significant traces in the present.

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