Musei di Maremma

Museum of Archaeology and Art of Maremma

Piazza Baccarini, 3 – Grosseto
The museum covers three floors divided into forty rooms. The first section is devoted to the archaeological collection of Canon Giovanni Chelli, founder of the museum in 1860. The largest part of this collection consists in Etruscan cinerary urns from Volterra and Chiusi. The next section is devoted to the Etruscan archaeological site of the town of Roselle and features sixth-century BC stone warrior statues from the necropolis of the Archaic period, two statuary complexes from the Roman forum, one of which was a public celebration of the imperial cult of around 50 AD and the other a private piece glorifying a high-ranking family of the early second century AD and architectural decorations of the Carolingian period from the early Christian church, which was the first and oldest cathedral. The second floor hosts archaeological documentation on Maremma and displayed is a geometric Euboean krater, or vase, from Pescia Romana (730 BC), Etruscan Orientalizing style funerary objects from Vetulonia (II Circolo delle Pellicce) and Marsili (Circolo degli Avori) and amphorae and anchors illustrate the Etruscan traffic of goods during the Archaic period. The museum then explores Romanization showing artifacts that demonstrate the persistence of Etruscan culture (e.g. language, writing and funeral rites) next to examples of the innovations introduced by the Romans conquerors (e.g. votive deposits, rural settlements). The last room is devoted to miscellaneous collections, often very beautiful finds that have accumulated in the museum over the years without sufficient data on provenance or context of discovery. The last rooms of the third floor of the museum tell of the history of the town of Grosseto, further explored at the nearby Museo della Città, or ‘City Museum’. Guided tours can be reserved and are included in the price of the ticket, and an educational service offers interactive workshops with themed guided tours for school children. Current educational tours include “Prehistory”, with the topics of “Light and Shadows of Prehistory”, “Prehistoric Art” and “The Neolithic Revolution”, “The Etruscans”, with the topics of “The City of the Living”, “The City of the Dead” and “Writing”, “The Romans”, with the topics of “The Roman Town”, “A Day in the Life of a Roman Child” and “The Sculptors Workshop”, “The Middle Ages”, with the topics of “The Beginnings of Grosseto”, “The Medieval Town” and “The Artist’s Studio”, and finally “The Museum at Play”, with a treasure hunt. There is also a laboratory dedicated to the “Birth and Origins of Writing”. For more information: +39 0564-488760. The museum is arranged in chronological order and is introduced by the collection of the museum’s founder, Monsignor A. Cappelli, which features from works from Siena and the antiques market. Among the works are the “Two Saints”, the remaining part of a polyptych attributed to Sano di Pietro and the Master of the Observance (mid-fifteenth century). Of great value is the collection of works coming mainly from the Cathedral of Grosseto, but also from many churches of the Diocese, attributable to Sienese artists working in the centre of the Maremma area. Among these are a thirteenth century “The Final Judgment”, from the church of San Leonardo in Grosseto and attributed to Guido da Siena or his school, “Cristo in Pietà” by Pietro di Domenico (late fifteenth century), the Madonna of Girolamo di Benvenuto (early sixteenth century), the “Madonna of the Cherries” by il Sassetta (mid-fifteenth century) from the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, fragments of the external sculptural decoration of the same Cathedral (by Agostino di Giovanni, fourteenth century) and the “Marble angels” (G.A. & B. Mazzuoli, 1708) originally placed to decorate the altar of Our Lady of Grace, removed during the restoration of the Cathedral at the end of the 1800s. The museum also has a rich collection of vestments, silverware and reliquaries.
The educational division of the Museum of Archaeology and Art of the Maremma offers a series of interactive workshops and themed visits designed to meet the needs of primary and secondary schools. The activities are organised in educational units, each made up of one or more workshops, in line with school history curriculums. The workshops take an average of 2 hours and usually include a visit to the museum followed by interactive activities. The activities are run Monday to Saturday from 9 to 13. Places must be booked in advance on 0564/488760. For information and enquiries:

Guided tours: guided tours of the Museum of Archaeology and Art of Maremma can be arranged with the “Reception service” staff. Booking is essential for this service. Guided tours are included in the cost of entry. For information: 0564/488752-760

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 1 November – 31 March: Tuesday – Friday 9.00-15.00; Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10.00 – 13.00, 16.00 – 19.00; 1 April – 31 May: Tuesday – Friday 10.00-17.00; Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10.00-13.00, 16.00 – 19.00; 1 June -15 September: Tuesday – Friday 10.30-17.30; Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10.00-13.00, 17.00 – 20.00; 16 September – 31 October: Tuesday – Friday 10.00-17.00; Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10.00-13.00, 16.00-19.00 Closed: Mondays (except holidays), 25 December, 1 January, 1 May. Opening times may be subject to variation; visitors are advised to call the following number: 0564/488752- 750 or consult the website:


 Full ticket: 5.00 euros Reduced ticket: 2.50 euros: university students, under-18s, over-65s, service personnel, groups of 20 or more, Vulci Card holders, ACI card holders. Free entry: children under 6, disabled EU residents with a family member or registered carer, teachers accompanying school groups, tourist guides, clergy members, members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), employees of the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities (MIBAC), Edumusei Card holders. Tickets for school groups: 1€ per pupil


Director: Chiara Valdambrini
Info and reservations: 0564-488752    0564-488750

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