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Castello Aldobrandesco
The Aldobrandeschi fortress is one of the most ancient medieval castles in Italy and Europe (cc. 10th – 14th). Its new Tourist Trail and Medieval Landscape exhibition (2nd floor) offer an extensive and accessible presentation of local and regional archaeological history. The Aldobrandeschi fortress in Arcidosso is one of the best preserved and most ancient medieval castles in Italy and Europe and one of the few completely accessible to the public. Its history, from the 10th century to the Renaissance, is illustrated by an archaeological-artistic tourist trail (works by Riccardo Polveroni) leading visitors to the discovery of the many medieval buildings found there and of historical figures who have sponsored them: from Marquis Ugo of Tuscany (970-1001), to Earls Aldobrandeschi (11th – 14th cc.) and Guido Riccio da Fogliano, who conquered Arcidosso for the Republic of Siena in 1331. On the second floor a gallery dedicated to the medieval landscapes of Amiata and Maremma, shows archaeological finds from the site of Castel Vaiolo (10th c.), including the most important ancient chestnuts’ lot excavated in Tuscany to date. Other sections illustrate architecture and town planning of Amiata and Fiora Valley’s medieval towns and the formation of the Aldobrandeschi County, historic ancestor of present day Province of Grosseto. Italian and English texts, family with school age children trail and accessibility measures for visually disabled people characterize the exhibition, centered on the most updated archaeological researches carried out by the University of Florence Medieval team, in Maremma and Amiata, and designed according to the canons of modern Public Archeology.
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Morning 10:00 -13:00 Afternoon 15:00 – 18:00 closed on Monday open 1st of November

From 1 July 2017 with a single ticket you can access 7 museums

MuseumFull ticket *Reduced ticket **
Exhibition section of Centro Studi D. Lazzaretti (Acidosso)***€ 5,00€ 3,00
Art collection of Palazzo Nerucci (Castel del Piano)€ 5,00€ 3,00
House Museum of Monticello Amiata (Cinigiano)€ 5,00€ 3,00
Ethnographic Museum (Roccalbegna)€ 5,00€ 3,00
Mercury Mines Museum (Santa Fiora)€ 5,00€ 3,00
Museum of Oil (Seggiano)€ 5,00€ 3,00
Mineralogical Museum (Semproniano)€ 5,00€ 3,00

* Can only be used for visiting the museum that issued it and has daily validity;
** Can only be used for visiting the museum that issued it and has daily validity;
*** With the same ticket you can also access the museum of the Middle Ages and MACO

a unique ticket is available for visitors throughout the season
and thus until 31/12/2017 for the visit of all the above mentioned museum
facilities under the conditions indicated in the following table.

Unique Ticket of Access to all the museums listed aboveFULLREDUCED
€ 10,00€ 5,00

REDUCED: young people under the age of 18, 
students under the age of 25, over 65 years, 
families and accompanying people with disabilities.


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